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Are you at work and thinking about your maternity leave?

Are you at home thinking about returning to work?

Or are you somewhere in between!

Since 1998 I have been coaching women, helping them plan and prepare for their maternity leave and ensure that the transition back into the workplace is as smooth and well-supported as possible.

Since the arrival of my own child in 2004 I have first-hand experience of the challenges faced by pregnant women planning their maternity leave and being a working mother.

Maternity Coaching is a confidential, empowering and supportive service that can help you in the 3 stages of maternity leave.

1. Preparing for your maternity leave

- A confidential space to talk through any fears and concerns about your maternity leave
- Practical support to help you plan for your maternity leave

2. During your maternity leave

- Focused time to plan your return to work
- Incorporate your new life experience and its contribution to your work


3. Returning to work

- Help you rediscover your self confidence as a woman at work
- Integrating your new role as a mother
- Help you deal with changes in your role at work
Celebrate the highs and lows of being a working mother.





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