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Presenting yourself at Interviews

Have you seen an advert for a job that interests or excites you – but are put off by the process….the application form…CV writing…the interview itself?
Applying for a promotion at work or applying for a new job is a bit like planning to do the Great North Run; you need time to prepare and commitment to your goal.
Good communication and presentation skills are very often sited as the key difference between being a successful candidate and not getting the job. During my career I have been involved in recruitment and selection of staff at all levels of organisational life. As part of this I have sat on numerous interview panels and willed interviewees to sell themselves more effectively.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how well do you sell yourself at an interview?

As a Motivational Coach and Trainer, I help people to get the job that they want with a combination of presentation skills training and interview coaching.

“Preparing for this interview was a very different experience!
In previous interviews, the feedback had been that I had all the right qualities but didn’t sell myself as well as the successful candidate.
Through interview coaching I have worked on my interview technique & been able to be absolutely focused on selling myself; not allowing those interview nerves to get the better of me…I felt like I was interviewing the panel too. It is very empowering going into an interview feeling like that! Excellent value for money; I would recommend interview coaching to anyone who is working towards an important job application”

Janet, Manager. IT Company.

By attending one of my one day workshops about Presenting yourself for interview; you will learn how to:

√ Plan and prepare for your next job application
√ Be able to focus on your skills and abilities & what you can offer the job and organisation
√ Communicate more effectively and present your ideas for maximum effect
√ Learn how to take control of your nerves and communicate in a confident manner
√ Use the power of body language to build rapport with the interview panel
√ Have developed a toolbox of practical skills to assist you in presenting yourself at job interviews

After starting my career in NHS clinical practice as a nurse working with people facing life threatening illnesses; I decided to move into Training & Education in 1993 to inspire, motivate and support healthcare workers in their day to day work.
When I was nursing, I worked with people who were facing life threatening illnesses. As people approach the end of their lives, I never ever worked with someone who said “I wish that I had stayed in that job that I didn’t like a bit longer “.

There are so many exciting job opportunities out there, don’t let the process of changing jobs or your anxiety about performing at interviews put you off applying.
When a client calls me to tell me how well the interview went & that they have decided to accept the job that is a great feeling. The logo for my company is a person reaching for the stars and by getting the job that you want, you are reaching for your stars.

For more information about Interview Skills courses and coaching
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